Gate Valve

Type of Gate Valves

  • Wedge Gate Valve
  • High Pressure Gate Valve
  • Knife Gate Valve
  • Slide Gate Valve
  • Sluice Valve
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve

Wedge Gate Valve

  • OS&Y Gate Valve
  • Size Range: 2” to 60”
  • Class Range: 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
  • Design STD.: API600/ API603/ ASME B16.34
  • Wedge Gate Valve Manufacturer & Exporter

The name suggests there is a gate which perform open/close operation. This part is called wedge. There is variety of design in wadge. The Wedge is perpendicular to the fluid flow. The wedge gate valve is used for fully open and close operation only. It is not suitable for throttled control application. There is two sealing arrangement.

Due to this arrangement, it is called bi-directional wedge gate valve. Between these sealing the wedge allow a tight shut off even metal sealing. The angle of wedge varies according to the parameters of valve. It usually five degrees. If the temperature of the media is not high then the degrees will be 2°52′. These degrees angle wedge is called flexible wedge gate valve. These degrees angle can be removed or be integrated and that type of wedge called solid wedge gate valve.

Working principle

The sealing surface are sealed by the media/fluid pressure at the time of fully closed condition. This is the self-sealing arrangement in which the fluid ensure tight sealing by its pressure. This is the technique when valve is fully closed, it is necessary an external force i.e., fluid force apply the force toward the valve seat through wedge. Due to this characteristic the gate valves are widely used in oil & gas for full flow.

High Pressure Gate Valve

  • Pressure Seal Bonnet
  • Size Range: 2” to 30”
  • Class Range: 900# to 2500#
  • Design STD.: API600/ ASME B16.34
  • High Pressure Gate Valve Manufacturer

For the high-pressure process industries, the pressure control is always a critical task. The high-pressure seal gate valve solves this problem easily. Mart Valves pressure seal valves are manufactured as per ASME B16.34, API600, international standards. It is a very reliable valves for high pressure industriesi.e., oil & gas, boilers steam pipe-line and many critical applications.It is available for range of Class900 to Class4500.

Operating principal pressure seal gate valve:

At the time of assemble of pressure seal gate valve, bonnet alignment should be equal-tightening of bolts by uniformed. This action assures and make the valve to handle the tight-sealing even very high pressure in pipe-line.Whenever the pressure in pipe-line increases, it affected to the bonnet, segment, valve body.

This is the auto-tight sealing arrangement in below ways:

  • pre-defined seal pressure
  • Fluid pressure make auto-sealing

To select the right pressure sealing gate valve, pre-load seal pressure should be standard as it is auto-pressurized seal by pipe-line pressure and show good performance of tight shut-off even high-pressure in the pipe-line.

Knife Gate Valve

  • Wafer or Lug or Flange Type
  • Round port, V port, Customized square, rectangle port
  • Size Range: 2” to 24”
  • Pressure Range: 150LB/ PN10 / PN25
  • Design STD.: MSS SP-81/ ASME B16.34
  • Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

It was the beginning of 20th century, when the paper industries looking for a suitable valve for their pulp & paper. At that time industries seeking a economical valve solution to reduce the cost. At that situation the Knife Gate Valves was introduced. At that time, it was named as Push-Through Knife Gate or Guided Shear Gate valves. The Guided Shear Gate Valves are able to cut through the fluid / pulp like a sharp knife. Knife gate valves are works as on-off and isolation application of pulp fluid. Knife gate valves are very useful when in slurry, abrasive, corrosive, and viscous media. There is a knife in centre which allow full port to flow so the valves have a low-pressure drop in the fully open position. It is simple to operate, light in weight, and most economical than other valves.

The Knife Gate Valves are widely used in the wastewater treatment plants where the corrosion is a major concern. In such application the "Knife" plates are made of stainless steel. Due to this the maintenance expenses and replacement cost effectively reduced. The Knife gate valves are generally used for on/off i.e., fully open or fully closed condition. It is not advisable to use in modulating applications while it is not recommended by an engineer or applications demand.


The knife gate valves should be always fully closed or open condition. If we open or close it partly, there will be water hammering. This water hammer reduces the life of valve. The seats & back seats slowly will be damaged and it will be caused to leakage.

To avoidthis, we should open/close the valve slowly and fully open or close.

Parallel Slide Gate Valve / Conduit Gate Valve

  • Wafer or Lug Type
  • Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 24
  • Pressure Range: 150LB/ PN10~PN25
  • Design STD.: MSS SP-81/ ASME B16.34
  • Slide Gate Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

Slide Gate valves are linear motion valves used for full bore fluid flow without any change in direction. They are designed to provide an efficient method for controlling the flow of free-flowing dry bulk materials. It is an ideal valve for transmission and interruption of fluid movement which is mainly suitable for crude, gas pipes, petrochemical oil depots, and other pipelines

in the industrial process. The face of this type of valve is mostly parallel and hence they are often referred to as Parallel Slide Gate valves.

They are generally either fully open or fully closed and are not normally used to regulate flow. However, slide gate valves can also be installed at the outlet of

an oil pump to regulate and control the flow of liquid. A typical slide gate valve is shown in the figure below:

A typical slide gate valve consists of a valve body, valve seat, valve disc, a spindle, gland, and an operating mechanism. The seat and the gate together carry out the function of shutting off the flow of fluid. A 360° surface contact between disk and seat gives proper sealing when

the valve is fully closed. This proper mating of a disk to the seal ring ensures that very little or no leakage occurs across the disk when the gate valve is closed.

The operation of the valve is mostly by a handwheel, but gear or electric actuators are also very common. The compact structure and smaller operating torque of

Slide Gate valves provide good sealing, smaller flow resistant coefficient, and longer service life. Slide Gate valves are most commonly used in pipelines that are

designed for the flow of oil or gases like in refineries and petrochemical plants. They are also suitable for use under for wide range of pressure and temperature.

Sluice Valve

  • Resilient wedge
  • Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 24
  • Class Range: PN10/16/150LB
  • Design STD.: DIN 3352
  • Sluice Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

The gate which regulates the sluice is a valve known as the sluice valve. These gates are made to be sealed in one direction and are typically used to regulate water levels and flow in streams and canals. Sluice gate valve can also be used in wastewater treatment plants.

A gate valve or a Sluice gate valve is described as a valve that uses a gate or wedge shape disk that slides perpendicular to the flow of the fluid into or out of the pipeline.

When the gate valve is fully opened, the disk of the gate valve is completely separated from the flow. This practically gives no opposition to flow. Due to this, very little reduction in pressure is experienced as the fluid moves through the gate valve.

The sluice gate valve is the common type of valve that is used in process plants to handle slurries. In operation, these valves are either fully opened or fully closed.

Sluice gate valves cannot be used for throttling as accuracy cannot be achieved using them. The high flow velocity in the partially open valve can cause disk and seat surface erosion and can also cause vibration and noise.

Forged Steel Gate Valve

  • Size Range: NPS 1/2 to NPS 4
  • Pressure Range: 150LB to 2500LB
  • Design STD.: API602
  • Test STD.: API598
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer

Forged steel gate valve is a kind of gate valve whose parts are made of forging material. The gate of the forged steel gate valve moves along the vertical direction of the centre line of the passage.

It is mainly used for shut-off function in the pipeline. Forged steel gate valve is a widely used valve. It is generally used for the shut-off device with size≤2”.

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