Plug Valve

Type of Plug Valves

  • Lubricated Plug valve
  • Sleeve Plug Valve
  • 3 Way Plug Valve

Lubricated Plug valve

  • Lubricated Plug valve
  • Oil-Lubricated, Pressure Balance
  • Size Range: 2" to 32"
  • Pressure Range: 150# to 2500#
  • Design STD.: API599/ API6D
  • Lubricated Plug Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

The Lubricated plug valve is divided into two parts

  • Conventional lubricated plug valves
  • Pressure balanced plug valves.

To increase the sealing and service life of the plug valve, we inject the special grease into the top of the plug body and valve cone hole. It will make an oil film to reduce the valve opening and closing torque. The operating pressure rating 2500# and temperature up to 350ā„ƒ and a maximum size of 600mm available.

Sleeve Plug Valve

  • Resilient Seat Sleeved
  • Size Range: 2" to 10"
  • Pressure Range: 150# to 600#
  • Design STD.: API599/ API6D
  • Sleeve Plug Valve Manufacturer

A plug body with the through hole allow to fluid flow in bi-directionally. This body is connected with the stem and the stem is guided with the manual lever, gear, electric or pneumatic operator. The plug is cone designed for the general flow application. Also, it is available in ā€œVā€ port for special flow requirements. Sleeve Plug Valves are widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, hydropower, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial pipeline system control.

3-Way Plug Valve

  • Three Way and Four Way Plug
  • Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 16
  • Pressure Range: 150LB to 600LB
  • Design STD.: API 599/ ASME B16.34
  • 3 Way Plug Valve Manufacturer

The multi-port valves are specially demanded from the diverting and mixing applications. The multi-port plug valves reduce the cost of extra valves as this valve do multiple action alone.

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